Monday, April 6, 2015

My Passion for Running

        I started to be inspired by running when I was in sixth grade, after I joined the program "Girls on the Run". "Girls on the Run" was a great way for me to try something new, and be apart of something that kept me fit. Not only did the program help my self confidence, but showed me one of my best talents. After a couple months of practicing with my group, I finally ran my first 5k. I had great success, considering I was the first girl to cross the line within my group. I couldn't have been happier with myself, and I had to continue. 

        When I started to run cross-country in middle school, I can't say that I had the most joyful experience. Workouts got harder, and my endurance just wasn't as strong as I thought it was. But after working hard each and every season, I noticed that every obstacle can be something to overcome, from running to other problems in life. Today, I stand as a varsity runner in both cross country and track. I progressed from something I did for fun to a competitive sport, but what now? What else can I do to progress? 

        With running always being one of my biggest passions, helping others is something that I've always enjoyed as well. After thinking about how I can progress my running career, I kept stumbling over the thought that some people in our world can't pursue some of their own passions. For my "Genius Hour" project, I was considering organizing a 5k race, that supports people in need, who are unable to do things that they love. Even though running has its downs, I would be in distraught if I had to be taken away from it. Everyone deserves to have a shot at their passion, and be able to enjoy it. 

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