Monday, April 27, 2015

Findings Through Research

         To start off my research, I started to look up and think further on some of the inquiry questions I had. I have an idea to start creating, or helping out, with a 5k at my church, considering costs to run on the property would be little to no cost. If I were to go through with this plan, I would need to talk to one of my pastors, or the church directer. Helping wise, I would need a bunch of volunteers, knowing I need people on the course, helpers to setup/clean up, and plan. Adding on, I would need an ambulance or some sort of medical help in case someone would get hurt.
         With all of these procedures in mind, I would also have to consider all of the steps needed to create a 5k. This includes a huge amount of planning, setting up, cleaning up, grabbing attention to the media, dealing with money, etc. Given all of these from further research, I figured I wanted to start out this process more gradually. That is, instead of creating and organizing a whole 5k race, maybe starting out by volunteering for an annual race instead. That way, I can still gain experience without starting out too big for what I can handle.
        As starting out really big seemed really dumb of me, I proud of myself that I went through this process and realized what I'm capable of. My genius hour did change a little bit as I changed my end goal, but my passion and determination has not. I'm happy to know that I failed in the beginning, simply because I now know what I am capable of, and can show more success in the end.

Below is one of the main websites I used to consider what I would've needed to do to create my own 5k race. 

More Questions: 
- What race(s) may I want to help out with? 
- What kind of help would I do? 
- Who would I contact to help out? 
- How do I sign up to help out? 

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