Sunday, April 12, 2015

Changing Society Through Running

        With the passion of running, I thought about helping the community in many different ways. For one, I could somehow collect donations from runners to help people in need. These people can be from third world countries, or even just our county. Also, I can use running to make other people have a better physical health. This can be done by influencing and possibly coaching others to run, or setting up an event for others to get out and get exercise. 

        For my overall goal in 20 Hour/Genius Hour, I think I would love to create and set up a 5k. As this may seem a very challenging task, I think I can get somewhere with some help. Even if the overall outcome isn't a scheduled race, at least I could know what I need to do to be able to accomplish this, or even start on the first step of creating one. 

Inquiry Questions for further research: 
- What kind of skills/items would I need to organize this? 
- What kind of things would I need to consider while creating a 5k? 
- What sort of help would I need to do this? 
- Who would I need to talk to? 
- Where can I hold the event? 

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